U900 – Walk Don’t Run

U900 -Walk Don’t Run

Here’s the original version by the Ventures:

The Ventures – Walk Don’t Run

You might remember The Ventures from such classics as Wipeout, Pipeline, and Tequila, which have approximately two unique words between them. I have no idea where the bunny and the bear got the lyrics for their rendition. But hey, more songs have lyrics than you might realize. Take Star Trek, for example.

Go Team Venture!

Later Bloggies

A Brief History Of Pretty Much Everything

A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything

Well, that should catch everyone up on everything that’s happened since I’ve been away.

Later Bloggies

Wait, something’s different here …

Hi Bloggies,

Long time no see. If you are wondering why things look a little different, that’s because I switched my website hosting and started a new WordPress blog. I’m also planning to do this with upapaddle.com. This is more or less a test run. Anyway, I was able to import the posts from the old Kentcer.com but I wasn’t able to bring over the comments. I still have them recorded, so I may at some point manually enter them.

Anywho, the site is still under construction somewhat, so if things look funny, that’s why. I’m also planning to try and start updating this site again on a semi-regular basis. I’m so close to 1000 posts I can taste it.

Well, I’ll talk to you later.

Who Would Win in a Fight

Who Would Win in a Fight

This episode dares to ask the eternal question: who would win in a fight, a guy with only one arm or a guy with only one leg. The results may suprise you.

It may also suprise you that I know one of the debaters in this show. The one with the blonde hippy hair is my little brother Cade. Yes, I call him my little brother even though he’s taller than me. If you search for videos made by CorbinGolding, I’m sure you’ll see him pop up again.

And just to answer the obvious question, “Kent, your little brother’s funny. Why aren’t you?” Shut up.

If you have any good match ups that you would like to see debated on YouTube, send them to WhoWouldWin@hotmail.com. Tell them Kentcer of Kentcer.com or Podcast Pete of UpAPaddle.com sent you and receive a discount.

“I’m a fan of curb stomping”

Later Bloggies